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Junior Black Belt Program (5-14 years old)

Involving your child in a structured sport activity from an early age may set him/her up for a lifetime of healthy habits. As with any martial arts, kickboxing provides physical and mental challenges for children. Focus and self discipline are enforced in our youth kickboxing program as well as respect for classmates, opponents and self. (Boxing gloves and hand wraps required)

HIIT Boxing

HIIT (high intensity interval training) involves short bursts of intensive cardio followed by short breaks.This type of training increases lung capacity and burns fat quickly, as your body needs to burn fat as energy to continue the workout. This class is a great way to kill those calories quickly in a short period of time.

Kickboxing Body Blast

KIckboxing is an intense,full body workout that also works the lungs and heart. This class ads full-body calisthenics (body weight exercises) to really blast every muscle group for a full body burn.

Strength and Conditioning

This class is geared towards functional, full body workouts that do not involve kickboxing. This class incorporates heavier weights and intense cardio to elicit caloric burning both during and after the workout. This class is geared to building total body strength usable by everyone in every day situations.

Core Blast Kickboxing

This class focuses on the core. Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees will work your core standing. In-between rounds, weighted and unweighted core work will increase strength and slim down your waistline.


Kickboxing Bootcamp

 This class involves a circuit-style training that incorporates weights in a full body workout. After this initial strength circuit, a kickboxing workout on the bag will work your lungs and heart in a cardio-style workout.

if you have any questions about these classes, please contact Coach Jeremy at (516)-561-4236. We are always looking to give you all the best workouts at BCKickboxing!



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